Troops Rally

FROM MIKE 8-12-09
Just some thoughts. I may sound a bit cynical. Jeanette says Mama did not have a bath today & that the call button was moved to the end of the bed in a very inconvenient place(for Mama) Also, they therapist accessed Mama today & says a month is needed but only says 5 times a week. I told Jeanette I wanted the doctor's orders checked at the nursing home & I want to talk with the doctor's office direct. My concern is that the rehab center will have a monetary incentive to keep Mama longer than is necessary. I want to talk with the head nurse & see if I have too high expectations & just what they are going to be respnsible for ei--personal hygiene. I also want to see a chart showing which nurse does what & when & if Mama is getting her meds properly. I want all of us on the same page & I want the rehab center to know that so maybe they will be on their toes. If not, we can move her. Her bandage had not been changed either. Maybe tomorrow will be better.