1. Size of wounds

Big or giant molluscum may require the use of crushing methods for a remedy. Shave biopsy/removal, curettement or liquid nitrogen may be most efficient for these Extended bumps as actual and immunomodulatory cures may be much less good.

2. Number of lesions

The more wounds that are existing, the more ongoing or immunomodulatory treatment should be taken. If there is just a unique wound or few molluscum, then ruinous methods like curettement or cryotherapy may be complete alternatives. For more spread participation, current treatment or immunomodulatory therapy may be a greater selection.

3. Location of wounds

When molluscum involve the body, arms, or ramifications, any treatment can be considered. Notwithstanding, when the virus takes the face or genitals, this may prefer the use of either current or immunomodulatory agentive roles. Intelligibly in these issues nuisance and the risk of scarring turns a greater interest and more modest measures should be worked out.

4. Urgency for result

Depending on how speedily you want your molluscum to go away may also shape your choice of treatment. damaging methods come with the cost of some uncomfortableness, but offer the most rapid answer. observation alone can take months or yet years for complete answer of molluscum contagiosum and the several actual treatments can take weeks to months for complete success.

5. Age

Molluscum contagiosum is typically looked in three groups of people: children, sexually proactive grownups and immunosuppressed people. The most common group concerned is kids. When considering the optimal molluscum treatment, keep in judgment that damaging methods can be severe. For younger children, reflection or treatments such as cantharone, Retin-A, or Aldara ointment may be better alternatives as they do not do any soreness.